What is HHC

There is another hemp product on the market that is so new, you will be hard pressed to find as much info on it as all the other cannabinoids we all know and love. 

But first, what is HHC? What can you expect from consuming hemp products with it? The name HHC comes from the word Hexahydro cannabinol. HHC is naturally occurring in hemp seeds, though it is often derived from hydrogenating natural cannabis extracts. 

A chemist named Roger Adams first tried this way back in the 1940s when he hydrogenated Delta-9 THC by adding hydrogen molecules to it. Believe it or not, you are already familiar with this process! Hydrogenation is found at the grocery store. Most notably, it turns vegetable oil into margarine.

Is it legal?

Here is the thing with the name HHC: Whether it’s HHC from hemp seed, hydrogenated CBD or THC, it’s still HHC. So, your source matters. Hemp and hemp-derived CBD are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Thus, hemp HHC, whether derived from processing CBD or direct extraction, is legal at the moment. HHC made from hemp-derived THC is grayer in legalities. And HHC made from synthesized marijuana extracts is not covered. Being a hemp company, all CASTELLO Hemp products are 2018 Farm Bill compliant. 

What does it do? 

There isn’t enough data on its potential uses beyond the effects people report. These include THC-like effects on the mind and body: head change, relief from aches and pains, help with nausea, calming effects, and even energy. Again, this is from consumer-reported feedback.

In large amounts, it does exhibit similar effects to THC, even though HHC does not actually contain THC. Milligram to milligram, however it is less potent than delta 8, which is only half as potent as Delta 9. So, one may only “feel it” with high potency products. That said, there is no set dosage amount as it is not regulated by the FDA. 

Anything else to keep in mind? 

There is little research on best practices for consuming newer cannabis products like HHC. The community has always had to take it upon itself to test and regulate products for purity. The most trusted companies regulate their collections using independent labs. We are happy to be one of them. 

Although HHC products are new and this cannabinoid’s long term effects have not been studied in depth yet, we are encouraged by the positive feedback consumers have reported and want to be at the forefront of our changing industry, bringing people the newest and greatest hemp products available. We will continue to test our products, stay abreast of changing laws, and provide the most premium options on the market. 

Whether or not you try HHC is up to you! Like other products, take it slow and see how it supports you and your goals. Just be sure not to operate heavy machinery after taking HHC products and observe local smoking laws if consuming via vaporizer pen.

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