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CASTELLO Hemp CBD Hemp Specialty Gummy Treats are hand made with love.

Each package contains 200mg of Hemp Extract (CBD) there are 4 pieces per package, 50mg each. They are great tasting, and made in small batches to ensure quality, with 99.9% CBD hemp isolate powder.

This product is a hemp supplement, and it tastes amazing. Ingredients: Sugar, Grass Fed Gelatin, Water, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Corn syrup, 200mg Phyto-cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil.

CASTELLO Hemp believes in natural beauty, we don’t add any unnatural food colorings to our recipes!


  • Fruit Punch
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Peach
  • Green Apple
  • Peach Mango
  • Grape Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • 1ct
  • 4ct

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    Below are all of our Certificates of Analysis or COA for all of our available products in the CASTELLO Hemp Product line. Ensuring everything we provide is third party tested for the utmost in quality control.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Products:

    Recovery Cream 500MG

    Recovery Cream 1000MG

    Recovery Cream 3000MG

    Recovery Cream 5000MG

    Freeze Roll On 1000MG

    Freeze Roll On 3000MG

    Freeze Roll On 5000MG

    Oil Tincture 500MG

    Oil Tincture 1000MG

    Oil Tincture 2000MG

    Oil Tincture 5000MG

    Oil Tincture 9000MG

    CBD Gummies 30MG

    CBD+CBG Gummies 30MG

    CBD Dark Chocolate 100MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD Milk Chocolate 100MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD White Chocolate 100MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD Peanut Butter Squares 100MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD Specialty Gummies 50MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD Dog Treats Bacon Flavor 300MG

    CBD Dog Treats Peanut butter Flavor 300MG

    CBD Dog Tincture Bacon Flavor 400MG

    CBD Dog Tincture Peanut Butter Flavor 400MG

    CBD Dog Tincture Bacon Flavor 800MG

    CBD Dog Tincture Peanut Butter Flavor 800MG

    CBD Bath Bomb 100MG

    CBD Shampoo 50MG

    CBD Conditioner 50MG

    CBD Body Butter 100MG

    CBD Facial Cleaner 100MG 

    CBD Facial Toner 100MG 

    CBD Revitalizing Cream 100MG 

    CBD Ageless Care Cream 100MG (COA is Coming)

    CBD AM-PM Moisturizing Cream 100MG


    Full Spectrum Products:

    CBD Oil Tincture Natural Flavor 1500MG

    CBD Oil Tincture Bright Citrus Flavor 1500MG


    THC/Delta Products:

    Delta 9 Gummies 10MG

    Delta 8 Gummies 25MG

    Delta 8 Gummies 50MG

    Delta 8 Caramels 40MG


    Delta 8 Flower: Bubba Kush

    Delta 8 Flower: Cookies

    Delta 8 0.5g Pre-Rolls 

    Delta 8 Hand Rolled Moon Rocks

    Delta 8 Soft Gel Capsules 25MG

    Delta 8 Tincture 1500MG

    Delta 8 Tincture with CBD 2000MG

    Delta 8 Tincture with CBG 2000MG

    Delta 8 Tincture with CBN 750MG

    THC-O Vape Cart 1000MG

    THC-O with Delta 8 Vape Cart 1000MG

    THC-O with Delta 10 Vape Cart 900MG

    HHC Vape Carts 1000MG

    Delta 8 Live Resin Sugar Dab

    Delta 8 Sugar Dab

    Delta 8 Live Resin Crumble

    Delta8 and CBN Knockout Diamond Sauce 950MG

    Delta 8 Shatter

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