CASTELLO Hemp Delta 8 Tinctures

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Delta-8 750mg - 1500mg Tinctures starts with our best Delta-8 distillate so you only get the good stuff. Most other tinctures on the market use low quality Delta-8 distillate that might have other unknown compounds.

PAIN 1000mg: Our 1:1 Delta-8+CBD tincture is great for pain management and relaxation.

FOCUS 500mg - 1000mg: Our 1:1 Delta-8+CBG tincture is a perfect for daytime use and for those that want to be energized and focus.  Forget the Redbulls and Adderalls, give this unique combination a try. 

RELAX 750mg: Our 2:1 Delta-8+CBN tincture has the perfect ratio of CBN for those that seeks some relaxation at night. Give this nighttime elixir a try.

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