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CBD live resin is made from high-quality Oregon-grown hemp flower, fresh frozen as it’s harvested out of the field. The fresh-frozen hemp flower is then extracted making a phytochemically and terpene-rich extract that has more therapeutic potential.

By blending live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate and other minor cannabinoids, we are able to offer a compliant preformulated extract with strain-specific effect. Live Resin Delta 8 Sugar is for those who want the centering cannabinoid blend with the most natural and true-to-the-plant taste and aroma. 


    • COLOR: Yellow to honey-colored
    • TEXTURE: Sugary and less viscous (warm honey consistency)
    • PSYCHOACTIVITY: This product is intoxicating and is rated 4 out of 5
    • CBD: Approx 40%, varies between batches
    • DELTA 8: Approx 50%, varies between batches
    • Δ9 THC: Non detect
    • TERPENES: Hemp-derived (Botanical terpenes available for custom orders)
    • DOSING: Approx 25 mg per serving (Tolerance will vary between users. Start low & build)
    • ONSET: Inhaled = 5 min-15 min
    • DURATION:  Inhaled = 2-4 hours
    • HANDLING: Must be warmed to consume
    • STORAGE: Store sealed at room temperature or lower and avoid excessive heat
    • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Sungrown Oregon hemp

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